Get Exactly What You Bargain For At A Competitive Price

Skip bins are an essential part of waste management in the Perth metropolis and it is for this reason that a number of companies hiring out skip bins have propped up left right and center. However, a careful scrutiny of the services they offer would tell you that services differ significantly from one company to another. While most of these companies compromise a lot when it comes to service delivery, not to mention the relatively high charges they levy, our company is interested in first and foremost ensuring that you get exactly what you bargain for at a competitive price.

A number of companies have websites and have enabled online payments for the delivery of skip bins. However, that is where some of them take advantage of clients who are not keen enough to scrutinize them further. In some instances, some clients are supplied with the bins they never paid for, thereby getting cheated out of their money. For example, it is a common trend for a bin supplier to supply his client with relatively smaller skips than the ones they selected online. This is because a number of them know that very few clients, if at all will take their time to measure the dimensions of the skips they are provided with. We therefore end up with a situation like when a client pays for an-8 cubic meter skip, only to be supplied with a 6.5 or 7 cubic meter skip. The truth of the matter is that most of the clients can never tell.

However, in our model of business, we maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. All our skips have the exact dimensions displayed online and you can be sure that they will be delivered within a day of your order by professional uniformed men or women in uniform. In addition, we also attach a lot of importance to environmental wellbeing even after disposal and that’s why a significant amount of waste we collect is taken for recycling. Visit skip hire website to take advantage of their great service.

In addition, we also offer great discounts on our services, especially in cases where there is a bulk order for bins or where a significant portion of the waste is recyclable and does not need to be taken to a landfill. Our bin sizes are varied and we supply our clients with bins ranging from small residential-size bins to huge skips for commercial and industrial uses. We have absolutely no hidden charges and the company also has a policy that does not allow for overfilling of bins in line with the regulations in the Perth region. We have a wide coverage in all the suburbs within Perth and are always a call away.